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Medical Professionals should consider PEMF for their patients.

Our Medical Advisory Team is excited to participate in a paradigm shift away from prescription drugs and surgery to utilizing Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.  When using PEMF therapy for cellular stimulation/optimization patients can naturally alleviate chronic pain and inflammation without the common side effects of invasive surgery and opioid use.   


Revive PEMF is one of the first free standing, state of the art Pulsed Electromagnetic Field studios in the country.  In addition to working with individuals in our luxury studio we are dedicated to working with like-minded Medical professionals that would like to utilize PEMF therapy to enhance their practice.  Our experience with our own Medical Advisory Team and close relationship with the equipment manufacturers makes us a reliable resource for PEMF therapy. 

When your patients are seeking or require alternatives to prescription and other daily over the counter drugs please consider referring them to RevivePEMF.  If you think your practice requires its own equipment in-house we are also here to help you demo the equipment and sell you the machines that are best suited for your practice.  


Please contact us and we will be happy to come to your office for a demo of our PEMF technology.