X System


The Pulse X is small, portable, lightweight, and perfect for bringing PEMF exercise anywhere you go.

It is virtually maintenance free and offers custom-tailored pulsing sessions with adjustable frequency and strength. The X measures 17×13.5×9” and weighs in at 27lbs, making it perfect for travel, home use, and more.

The Pulse X’s small size, lightweight design, and comfortable shoulder strap

let you take PEMF exercise with you anywhere.


This sleek, professional-grade system is made in the USA

with quality components. The X has a few moving parts, and requires minimal scheduled maintenance.

Pulse X Performance Package 

The X Performance Package lets you bring PEMF to any location. It features a Pulse X system and a variety of accessories to get you started.


PEMF Accessories

Our accessories are designed with human anatomy in mind. Each one can specifically target parts of the body with PEMF. Each accessory is also compatible with all of our systems. We craft each piece by hand with artisan-crafted vinyl for a sleek and modern look. They’re also engineered to be soft, comfortable, and easy to clean.

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